Thursday, 15 June 2017

EP REVIEW: Rabbit Junk - Like the Flesh Does the Knife

I can’t open this review without first making it perfectly clear: Rabbit Junk are, by far, one of my all time favourite bands. Rising from the ashes of digital hardcore greats The Shizit, JP Anderson has constantly used the hardclash moniker Rabbit Junk as a vessel to experiment and evolve his approach to music over the past 13 years now, from the undefinable Re:Frame to the ambitious This Life Is Where You Get F__ked and Project Nonagon, it can be said that no two songs by the husband-and-wife duo are (or can ever be) the same. While JP takes time out to work on their 5th album and explore other projects, he and Glitch Mode Recordings have now unleashed Like the Flesh Does the Knife, an EP of remixes by JP and members of the Glitch Mode collective.

EP REVIEW: Witchour - Night Hag & El Pacto

Those who are aware of my work at Rocksins will know that back in 2015, I was delighted to stumble upon the terrific debut EP from Argentine melodeath group Witchour (you can read the review here). Two years later, the quintet are back with their latest EP, a two-track double A-side Night Hag & El Pacto. A small serving from them, but displaying yet more evolution from a group that seems set to continue to challenge the boundaries of their genre.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

EP Review: We Like Cake - Spiel des Lebens

As previously stated, there is something of a rap metal renaissance occurring this year. In the UK we have Armageddon Stereo and Hacktivist, in the US several bands have taken on the genre as their own, while France is injecting some nerdcore into the equation through Smash Hit Combo. One place you wouldn’t expect rap metal to emerge, though, is Germany of all places. Nonetheless, We Like Cake have taken it upon themselves to bring rap metal to the land best known for its Teutonic Thrash and industrial madness. Coming in at only 3 tracks, Spiel des Lebens (translation: Game of Life) offers but a small slice of what We Like Cake are offering.

EP REVIEW: Armageddon Stereo - Rise Again

2017 has seen something of a rap metal revival. With Body Count releasing one of the albums of the year, Rage Against the Machine combining with members of Cypress Hill and Public Enemy to create Prophets of Rage, and the new supergroup Powerflo (feat. members of Cypress Hill, Fear Factory, Biohazard and Downset) threatening to bring the genre kicking and screaming into the 21st century the door is open for young groups such as Hacktivist and Manchester’s own Armageddon Stereo to burst through and make a name for themselves. After a well received first effort in 2015’s Wounds, they’re setting up to reach the next level with Rise Again.