Monday, 24 July 2017


I hardly ever use it because I don't know enough local bands to do so, but I do actually have a record label (see that Bandcamp link in the sidebar?). And today, I released the new album by synthwave/ambient project Ghost Hall, the solo project of Rescue Dogs guitarist Nathan Fitzpatrick. It's his 3rd release and second full length out through Serene Chaos Records, and it's a great little concept album about the legendary Kowloon Walled City.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

EP REVIEW: Defeat Statistics - Stressed and Depressed

Despite having previously played in a pop punk band, I’ve never really had all that much time or regard for the genre. Occasionally I’d find a band that I’d enjoy from the scene, particularly Sum 41’s more metal influenced take on it, but apart from that it’s never really piqued my interest. Now, Watford quartet Defeat Statistics have come out with their new EP Stressed and Depressed, presenting just over 10 minutes of modern pop punk with a heavy emo influence on the side. I do have a soft spot for emo, so I figured I’d give this band a shot.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

EP REVIEW: Ovter God - Kvlt Life

Everyone loves a good side project every now and then. Especially Rabbit Junk mastermind JP Anderson. Over the years he’s had plenty down the years, from the crushing digital hardcore of The Named, through Wolves Under Sail’s folk metal and via the steampunk prog metal of Fighting Ice With Iron, he’s never been afraid to use a new project to try something new. This year is no different, with the unveiling of self styled “killwave” duo Ovter God alongside singer Rhiannon Harrigan. Using a combination of synthwave, industrial and gothic influences, their debut EP Kvlt Life sees Anderson step into unknown territory and a surprisingly accessible sound.

ALBUM REVIEW: Powerflo - Powerflo

I think we can now officially call 2017 the year of the rap metal revival. After several strong releases already this year (and Prophets of Rage just around the corner), Sen Dog of Cypress Hill has teamed up with members of Biohazard, downset., Fear Factory and Worst to unleash Powerflo’s self-titled debut album into the world. And boy is it a stormer.